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electronic furniture lock -1000AG
  • electronic furniture lock -1000AG
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                                            001.jpg          1000AG
Electronic Furniture Lock   
  1000AG electronic furniture lock:

  Level-to-level management for leisure clubs

  there are four levels and two models: master card、manager card、waiter card and guest card; one model is single

card open, the other is two cards open


              003.jpg  Software control
    it is possible for users to     manage the electronic furniture lock by IT software    
  Bracelet with card 
    very accurate and                   convenient, avoid to be wet

               005.jpgSimple installation process
  the electronic furniture lock will bounce off
 the cabinet once the lock open

           Alarm warning
                  caution is on when the volt is 
                low or electronic furniture locks are                                         broken by  violence

                  007.jpgBatteries durable
for electronic furniture lock
  batteries works more than half year, 
energy-saving and good for environment

  1000AG electronic furniture lock can be used in those leisure places, it has the smooth 

image and security quality, sure this lock also show the good taste and high-quality lifestyle


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