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Fashion brass door lock(人气:98) 
Fashion brass door lock-BS0388GP
  • Fashion brass door lock-BS0388GP

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Fashion Brass Door Lock

1. Leaf blade model key of fashion brass door lock

    Mechanical key has the special use for stopping illegal opening and anti-theft function, 

engineering key is out of work after master keys taking action

                               Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

2. Pure copper American cylinder
    American style lock cylinder, showing
excellent quality and technology ability,
so beautiful and practical
Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

                            Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd3. 87 ANSI standard mortise
    Copper lock mortise is ANSI standard,
material of high-grade, precise structure,
fine craft, fully master level

4. Multiple finish ways of fashion brass door lock

    Surface finish ways can be chosen according to  will, such as GP、BB、OB、NB 、RG 

and SE colors, so beautiful and colorful

                 Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

5. Artistic value of fashion brass door lock

    Copper is a beautiful metal, due to copper both durability, plasticity and flashing luster, it has

always been the favorites of artists, artisans and architects who want to make their work stay


    For centuries, copper diverse beauty inspire architects’s inspiration, and its elegance has 

become a sign of elegance, durability and excellence on architecture.

                                     Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

6. Fashion brass door lock is for main door, which is good for villas, 

luxurious residential, senior clubs, commercial building and stars hotel

Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd

Main characters of fashion brass door lock:

Auto Lock: after the door is closed properly, the door will lock automatically. Only with the right

key to open from outside.

Normal close and normal open: when the door open, push the breaker, the door will be normal

open; when push the reset button, the door will be normal close. With key to open or pushing 

breaker when door is open, it can release normal open.

Tamperproof unlocking: with touch sense , after the door is closed, the lock body is fixed, can

not be opened with outside force, to avoid lock-picking.

Sawing resistant: with 2 pcs movable ultrahard steel rods inside lock body, when sawing  the 

mortise latch and touch the steel rods, it will turn together with sawtooth to avoid sawing off.

Push to open inside room: push the buttonto open inside room, no need subsection unlocking,

easy operation.

Mortise direction changing: use simple tool to change the mortise direction.

Key management: with 2+5 pcs keys (2 keys for decoration,5 keys for master), to solve keys

problem after decoration.

Disc-tumble cylinder and key: disc-tumble cylinder, use new leaf structure, high effect on 

prevent open with picklock. For its special instruction, it is hard to copy except the professional

door lock factory.

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