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Card swipe door locks P9588RFG1. One-card pass card swipe door locks2. Stainless steel key part axis3. Warning function4. Stainless steel, two open waysThe whole system of card swipe hotel lock includes:Card swipe hotel lock, open door card, Encoder, Energy saving switch, recorder device and software. illustration of the hotel lock as follow:One-card pass card swipe hotel door lock:  One-card-pass, open door card is Mifare-1 card, which is good at anti-forgery, high security and high capacity that enables sector management and independent encryption(S50 card divided into 16 sectors)Stainless steel key part axis:  The key part axis, take over all forces when open the door,so the  stainless steel material enable it can be used over 1 million times                                             Warning function:  A warning tone, indicate when batteries are low or the door is not shut properly or any unnormalactions to the card swipe hotel door lock                                                                             Stainless steel, two open ways:  Stainless steel, main material  for lock panel and handle, inductive card is the main way to open,  and the mechanical keys for possible emergency use for this card swipe hotel door lock                                                                P9588RFG card swipe hotel lock is ideal to be used for office, hotel and club, etc.,this hotel lock is really helpful for daily running and management
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