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The knowledge of door lock(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-05-27
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    In China, door lock field is not developingwell, enterprises are not paying attentionto the brand promotion, they couldnot shape the great influence during the consumers, the result is that thereare less big power door lock enterprises.    In the shopping malls, we can know thatforeign brands take up the most of marketing amount, what is the reason forthis? Except for the design and product quality, foreign enterprises areputting emphasize on marketing promotion, domestic enterprises don’t care forthe intellectual properties and also take the price as the first way to win themarket, so they could not make the brand stronger.    Generally speaking, people like to chooseforeign brands door lock, but some of domestic door locks have theiradvantages, for consumers, how should they judge the door lock?    First, the fame from door lock enterprises,the big enterprises are not easy to get the marketing amount, they would keepthe reputation and then offer consumers best in products quality and after-saleservice; second, door lock look and quality are the direct feel for consumers,they can observe the surface、material and related parts and test the door lock, seeing thedetails in using it; next, package and tips instructions of door lock, such asproduct ID、standard、level and date of manufacture,these shows the running attitude of enterprise. Sure, dealers is also one part for products choosing, their shop style、attitude towards customers and salesmen quality. Consumers couldconcentrate on the previous three points, they would get the good door lock forthemselves!
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