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fingerprint entry handle lock with pin code(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-04-27
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fingerprint entry handle lock biometric keypad lock high quality keypad lock with mechanical key fingerprint entry handle lock with pin code      Feature of    fingerprint entry handle lock    1. Adanced:Uses the Swedish FPC semiconductor capacitance,fingerprint sensor, can gather the keel’s altitude of the corium layer’s fingeprint, the image is much clearer;recognize the fingerprint by 3D algorithm.  2. Safe:Living fingerprint indentification, fingerprint sensor is antistatic(above 15KV). Core structural elements of lock core and lock latches use 304stainless steel, and also can install bolts on the top and bottom of the door,so lock at 3 ports; 3. Durable:Fingperprint sensor is wear-resisting(more than 1000,000 times);Baking varnish at appearance(metal paint for luxury cars,)it can be last for 20 years with antifade. 4. Easy to install,just remove the old knob lock, install directly then you can use 5. Operating according to voice prompt,with several languages  6. With protective cover for fingperint read head and code keypad to void outside forceset unlocking status, convenient  Core Value of Onlense  fingerprint entry handle lock       Optional Mortise Avaialbe for   fingerprint entry handle lock    Technical Data of   fingerprint entry handle lock    Optical sensor with high resolution (500dpi)Fingerprint Capacity : 100Authentication Speed : lower or equal than 1 secondFRR ≤1%, FAR ≤0.0001% Fingerprint Update Mode : AutomaticFingerprint Template SavedOptical glass with PVD coatedLow Voltage Warning Mechanical Key : Emergency useDoor thickness requirement : more or equal 35mmBattery Life : Approx 12 monthsSteady support up to 100 times after low voltage warning Onlense fingerprint entry handle lock   certificate: FCC    Onlense fingerprint entry handle lock    for home, office, appartment
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