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How to choose a “good lock” for yourself?(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-04-25
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Door lock develops so fast, now electronicdoor lock is taking up more and more marketing amount, however, for normalpeople, security and convenient characters are the basic demandfor choosingdoor lock.Mechanical locks are popular in life, mostof us choose them, but they could not solve the problem of vandal resistant,and keys are easy to be copied and bad materials are used in the lock body,these make people feel worried; physical structure of mechanical lock alsolimits its characters expanding, this is not good for technology improvement.Electronic door lock shows the progress ofscience and technology, with the limitation of traditional mechanical lockfactories are aiming at the high level door lock, so electronic door lock arepushed to the market quickly. Electronic door lock makes use of the electroniccontrol panel and remotetechnology, then smart chip is the core of door lock,showing the advance and higher safe features.Fingerprint lock represents the door lockfield technology, electronic technology and biometrictechnology are mixedtogether, finger print replaces the traditional mechanical key. Fingerprint lock are used in high level residential area and communities and villa, thoughfingerprint technologyshows the high security ability, this technology isstill not perfect because it is easy to causeinductive problem and also havelots of support technology service, so this is not a good choicenowadays.For door and lock, people pay more attention to the door, such as thickness、material quality and design, ignoring the lockelement, they do not know the difference between lock point and lock core, andthey also won’t care the panel quality and pick the fake iron casting or steelplate. They mostly put the price and image on the vital positions and getunnecessary troubles and losses, door lock could not protect themselves andproperties well.
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