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Marketing promotion of door lock(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-04-01
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In China, imitations are popular, as todoor lock, it has the same condition, when good productsappear, lots ofimitations comes, so new products and technology research are with big risk.However, price is not the good way to be the great enterprise, the realexcellent product is thebase for the great enterprise!“people is the core for technologydevelopment, so does the door lock. Users’ experience and hommization productsare the key to win the market. Now various door locks are on the market, andthose capturing customers’ eyes are unique or have other advantages, for a doorlock enterprise, first is the product idea, and product self is second.China economy is fast moving, people carefor environmental protection and smart products, such as environmentalidentification、electroplatingtechnology、prussiateapplication and pollution emission standard. Today, code locks、fingerprint locks and inductivecard locksare good in biometric technology application, consumers also feelwell for this technology, door lock enterprises should have clear direction formarketing target and micro level promotion,finding the expanding structure andemphasizing point.Brand is very vital for door lockenterprise, but it should be thought after marketing developed.When enterprisesare expanding, they have to care for the good growing method, sure band is going with this progress, caring it gradually and shaping products feature andfame,“individuation” is the core!
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