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Copper material Hotel swipe Card Lock manufacturer since 2001(Hits:) 
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Detailed Product Description1.Hotel swipe Card Lock 2.use magnetic and IC card 3.one year warranty 4.low power consumption 5.CE,FCC,RoHS Copper material Hotel swipe Card Lock manufacturer since 2001   ONLENSE is a high security hotel swipe card lock manufacturer since 2001.ONLENSE located in Guangzhou China.There only10 minutes by taxi to Canton Fair,1 hour to Shenzhen by bullet train,2 hours to HONGKONG by bullet train.2 hours to Shanghai by plane. 1.Advantage of Hotel swipe Card Lock   Can work with magnetic card and IC card,this is also called Magnetic& IC double card door lock.hotel staff use IC card while clients use magnetic to take advantages of both cards, making it possible to cut the cost, advance efficiency, and public hotel brand when clients check out with cards. 2.Brief index for Hotel swipe Card Lock   door thickness30mm-65mmpower supplyDC6V, use of 4 pieces of No.5 (or No.7) AA batteries, with lack power alarm to change new batteries. power life one year magnetic swipe card door lock including ONLENSE door locks,computer,management software,Encoder(a device To issue all the cards by softwareto manage the whole lock system.),IC card(Used for hotel staffs) and magnetic card(Used for Guests),energy saving switch (Guest can insert the open door card into this switch to gain the power in the room.)  3.illustration of the Hotel swipe Card Lock                   4.Brief introduction of the Hotel swipe Card Lock      magnetic swipe card door lock A. System ConstructionONLENSE set of locks, computer, management software, Encoder, RF card, energy saving switch B. working theoryinstall software to computer, card encoder can issue different kinds of card,eg. guest card,mastercard,loss card etc, to execute rank management.  C. Multiple functions 1. Five levels of controlGeneral control, building control, floor control, area control and room control.2. Password controlSystem password and operating password together to ensure security.3. Cipher coding to key card Each card has a different code that cannot be copied. Compulsory decoding will destroy the cardautomatically.4. Area controlCards of different types and levels can open different locks in different locations.5. Timing controlWorking clock is set inside locks to control the effective time limit of card keys.6. File recordAll issued card keys have records including each opening(also mechanical key opening).7. Loss reportingOpen function can be cancelled when the card is missed  D.Basic Technical Functional Index 1. Power SupplyDC6V, use of 4 pieces of No. 5 (or No. 7) AA batteries, with lack of voltage indications.2. Static Power Supply<1u A>3. Dynamic Power Supply About 200mA4. Lifetime of battery For the allowed door open times, it normally can exceed 10, 0005. Inductive Distance3-10cm6. Record inside the lock 976 lines for standard type7. Setting RequirementWorking temperature -20'C~70&ordm; C, humidity: 98%max8. Anti-static Electricity Totally closing status, the problem of static electricity is resolved 5.Certificates of Hotel swipe Card Lock       6. Application Scenarios of Hotel swipe Card Lock     
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