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How to get the good electronic door lock?(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-10-11
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    Onlense Science and Technology Corporation Limited is producing electronic door lock, we have products of code locks、hotel locks、sauna locks、fingerprint locks and networking locks, as the expert in this field, we can offer some useful advices for customers as below.    For material locks are mainly about stainless steel、the cooper and the kirsite, with the difference from models and channels, every factory has its plan. Generally speaking, the stainless steel has the good image and high ability in stopping corrosion, for us, the stainless steel accurate core assures that the electronic door lock can be operated normally more than one million times; as to the copper, for model design, it has the special excellence, better to faster improvement in product development; the kirsite material, locks products are popular and has the stable character.    Product outside is very important, nowadays electronic door lock has three ways to deal with its surface, electrofacing、flame plating and color impressing, we choose the baking finishing for our fingerprint locks, the effect can last for 20 years.    Customers can not trust sell person completely when choosing electronic door lock, they are not so professional, actually customers can judge the product with less knowledge, such as locks structure, stability, smoothness, x-press condition, lock core operation, and so on.    Onlense still can supply another advice, it is just the products standard, including GB and QB, QB is better, proving the factory’s fame and honor.    We hope these advices could help customers get the products they want! 
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