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Digital code lock:S200MF

1.One-card-pass in school is available;
2.Easy to install like knob lock;
3.Key board with light background,good for night use

Touch Screen Lock :S110BRM

1.Touch screen exterior fashion similar to iPhone.

2.Microwave remote control unlocking in 30m radius like a luxury car lock.
3.Easy installation. The lock can be installed within 10 minutes with a screwer only. 

Guangzhou ONLENSE Science& Technology Co.Ltd 

Apartment electronic lock:S200TM

1.Stainless steel TM card:TM  card is solid and durable, rustless and easy to be carried, so convenient and good for users;
2.Easy installation:Easy to install, can replace knob lock from old door. Especially suitable for non-professionals to install this lock;
3.Antimoist, antidust & antistatic:Rubber gasket included to protect the lock body and extend the lock life span.

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Guangzhou Onlense Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Onlense Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou Onlense Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.

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【Company Advantage】Guangzhou Onlense & Science Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2001, with security products of high technology and fashinable design . Company brand has been registered more than 15 years.

Guangzhou Onlense Science&Technology Co.,Ltd
Guangzhou Onlense Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.

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